My name is Marco Barone  
At first I am a draftsman, this is my first passion. 
Since I was child the subjects of my drawings were the nature, the animals and the dogs. And the dogs are my second passion after my job of illustrator.   
I dedicate my web-site to dogs and specially to Paky, my old english sheepdog.   
I work as illustrator for over ten years. 
I started with the layout for the productions of some animated cartoons.   
"La gabbianella e il gatto" - Lanterna Magica Torino , 
"Lupo Alberto" - Animation Band Milano, 
"Tommy e Oscar" Rainbow. 
Among other things I worked a lot for publicity and to realize television signature. 
I did illustrations for books and magazines in Italy and abroad.  
I have taught at the "Comix" Italian School. 
I have co.operated with the "Mnemo and Media" at the production of feature films and TV series. 
At the moment I work for the publishing house "il cigno" and I co-operate with Antonio Crepaldi Editor and Allegra Publishing Londra. 
Not long I co-operate with scriptwriters for projects of cartoons and illustrated books.    
My job of illustrator is dedicated specially to  publishing for children, storyboard for publicity and realization of web-sites. 
But if you want drawings to improve your busyness, please contact me. 
N.P. IVA 05370851213  
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